Company First Travel Frozen indonesia goverment

First Travel
First Travel

Company First Travel Frozen indonesia goverment. Most known umrah travel agency is misuse of customer funds by owner Andika Surachman and his wife Anniesa Hasibuan. All customer funds reach more than 500 billions is missing and the owner is not aware. Right now this case being handle by the authorities and the customer still seeks for the answers about their travel to perform umrah.

PT. First Travel founded in 2001 began to open domestic travel business for individual and company and grow fast because of their price is lower than other competitor. After reach almost 70k people, they begin to open travel for umrah and able to attract more customer and trusted to perform umrah travel. Their motto is “five star but low cost” make people urge to signup umrah with PT First Travel.

Company First Travel Frozen indonesia goverment. Infact cost to perform umrah its about 20-21 millions (according to ministry of religion) but PT First Travel give price about 14 millions. They claims the can give better services like VIP when signup with PT First Travel.

Because a lot of people want to perform umrah, they need wait at least one year before they can perform umrah but the payment must be made. When approaching the time to perform umrah, they must pay some additional cost about 2-3 millions to pay the ship bill and pay more cost if they are not in Jakarta city.

However as the time passes, First Travel start to avoid their promises to dispatch people to perform umrah worship. This time customer begin to ask when they can perform umrah because the deadline 1 year has been passed. They start to protest and come to PT First Travel building and ask about when they can perform umrah.

Right now PT. First Travel must dispatch more than 50k peoples to perform umrah but the funds are missing.

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