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Election Governor

Election will be delay for 7 days

Husni Kamil, Chairman of KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum = Election Commision) affirm that President Joko Widodo will not issue regulation related to 7 district who has only one candidate for governor election. Other solution is to ...

PT PLN Persero

Electricity tariff adjustment

Goverment Electricity Company will adjust electricity tariff for 10 type of customer start from 2015, August follow world oil price decreasing but this adjustment will not significant only IDR 1/kWh become IDR 1.546 compare to ...


Famous Comedian Srimulat dies

Comedian Djudjuk dies

One of famous and oldies comedian group called “Srimulat” dies at age 67 year with full name of Djujuk Djuwariah at Sardjito hospital yogyakarta. Sad news came from one of his son Eko Saputro from broadcast message ...

Children poisoned

60 children elementary school poisoned

Tempo – Tasikmalaya, at least 60 children at elementary school was poisoned at distric mangkubumi, city of tasikmalaya, west java. They feel suddenly sick and having headache at wednesday night 4 february 2015 and directl...